"7 Episodes, Season 1"

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  • “Hellfjord made serious waves internationally when Fantastic Fest premiered it in its entirety.”
  • “Hellfjord was a big success on Norwegian television with the first season running once a week in prime time.”
  • “The show was also sold to many countries and a remake is in the pipeline with producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, for an English-language version for Showtime.”


Directed by: Patrik Syversen

Starring: Zahid Ali, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Stig Frode Henriksen, Pihla Viitala, Thomas Hanzon, Lars Arentz-Hansen ++

  • “Hellfjord is the story of a disgraced Oslo police detective who is banished to the remote climes of Northern Norway after accidentally killing his own horse. The bizarre small town of Hellfjord boasts an oddball population all aged over 60, where everyone smokes and the only source of income is from the fish cannery. There’s also a mysterious sea monster in the lake and a series of hideous murders to contend with. Salmander is a police officer from Oslo who, after accidentally killing his police horse in front of a large group of children, is banished to the Northern Norwegian village of Hellfjord. In beautiful but mysterious Hellfjord he is welcomed by the vulgar and eccentric sheriff, and meets the dim-witted journalist Johanne who suspects that something lies beneath the surface in the village. Salmander has to contend with murders and the local sea monster.”
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