Pantheon I

"The Wanderer and His Shadow"

  • Client: Pantheon I
  • Work: Producer
  • “The Wanderer And His Shadow” was released in USA and Europe to great reviews.

Formed in late 2002 and hailing from the city of Oslo in Norway, Pantheon I is an extreme metal band that combines brutality, aggression and speed with heart-wrenching melancholy. Rather than resorting to the use of synths with string samples, the symphonic aspects of their music are highlighted by the use of the cello. The current, and very sensual, line-up is composed of KVEBEK on guitar and vocals (DEN SAAKALDTE, ex-1349), SAGSTAD on guitar (TROLLFEST, SARKOM), T.R.S. on bass (1349, DEN SAAKALDTE), MADS G on drums (THE ALL SEEING I, ZEENON), and LIVE JULIANNE on cello.”


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